Graphic Design

A Definition and Description of a few of the Many Elements of Graphic Design

Graphic design can be defined as the art whose aim is communicating beyond words. Graphic design lies at a crossroads of several artistic directions including, visual arts, communication and psychology. Graphic design uses visual elements, such as different styles of images, font types, shapes and sizes, colours and shades, lines, curves, etc. to only name a few.

5 Fields Included in the Term: Graphic Design

1. Illustration: An Illustration is a visual interpretation or explanation of a text, a process or concept. Illustrations are designed for integration in published media, for example, Posters, Flyers, Books, Magazines, Teaching Materials, Video games, Animations and Films.

2. Identity Design, (Logo and Branding): The Official graphical Design of the Logo and Name of a Company or institution is called Corporate Design. This design will be used on Envelopes, Letterheads, Forms, Folders, Brochures and even branding on Company Vehicles.

3. Typography: Arranging type to make written language readable, or legible, and appealing when displayed is called Typography. The art of Typography includes the arrangement and selections of typefaces, point sizes, line lengths and letter spacing.

4. Signage: Using symbols and letters, etc. to create visual graphics that display information for the purpose of marketing or direction. The main purpose of signs is to communicate and convey information, direction, identification and safety, through sign posts, road signs, name boards, etc.

5. Packaging: Packaging refers to the process of designing packages through evaluating the size that is needed and the kind of protection the product requires. Packaging can be described as the coordinating and preparing goods for transportations, storage and selling. Packaging should be able to contain, protect, preserve and keep goods safe while displaying company details and information.

Graphic Design includes these and multiple more options to display and apply Communication through purposeful art.