What do you need to become a Graphic Designer? And what you do not need

A Graphic Designer is a Visual Communicator. Graphic Designers are problem solvers. They are given information about a project, or communication, or specific outcome that is needed. Taking that information they have to work towards that specific outcome, through problem-solving, collection of information, and analysing all the facts to figure out the best solution to get to the desired product.

You do not need to:

1. You do not need to be great with drawing. Graphic Design is a skill, whereas the art of drawing often stems from an inborn talent. Like all skills, Graphic Design can be learned. Drawing is not essential but it does help to work out solutions visually, scribbling in a notebook or on a large sheet of paper.

2. You do not need a degree. You can still do one, but you do not need one to start out. Many fantastic Graphic Designers never went to design school. They learned their trade as they go along, reading design books and working with more experienced graphic designers. You do need to practice, practice, and practice. Until you become really good.

3. You do not need to spend a lot of money on a fancy computer. You will be perfectly all right when starting out on a mid-range computer. It should have a reasonable amount of RAM.

Things that you do need:

1. You need to have visual thinking skills. Having a keen eye and a creative approach to problem-solving will go a long way. However, these are traits that can be developed as you gain experience.

2. You need to Specialize. While you are gaining experience through dabbling in all the different areas of graphic design, you should decide which area you will like to specialize in. Through learning and practice, you will find your specialty niche.

3. You will need a Portfolio. People need to see what you are capable of doing. Your Portfolio should include your latest and best work. You should keep it updated at all times.

There are a wide variety and a myriad of possibilities in career options to choose from when you decide to follow a career in Graphic Design.