A Picture is worth a Thousand Words in the Context of Graphic Design

The earliest examples of graphics known to man are Cave Paintings, Markings on Boulders, Markings on Ivory and Antlers as well as markings on other materials dated from Pre-historic times. There were no words depicted in these “Presentations” only illustration in form.

Visual Presentations used to communicate Graphic Topics

Photographs. A Photograph is an Image created by light falling on a light-sensitive surface, for instance, photographic film or an electronic medium. Photographs are mostly created through the use of a camera, which uses a lens to focus visible wavelengths of light into a reproduction of a scene.

Drawings. A Drawing consists of two-dimensional diagrams that describe a place or object. A set of drawings can also be called, “Plans”, which can be drawn or printed on paper. This can also take the form of a digital file on a computer and is used to communicate building or fabrication instructions. The fields these plans are used in, include, architecture, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, as well as urban planning.

Symbols. A Symbol can be a mark, sign or word that signifies or indicate and is understood as a representation of an idea or an object. Symbols allow you to be creative in linking otherwise, very different, concepts and experiences. Symbols can take the form of words, sounds, and gestures and is used to depict ideas and beliefs.

Line Art or Line Drawings. Any Drawing that consists of distinct Curved or Straight lines placed on a, usually plain, background without shading or colouring, is called Line art. Line art is usually monochromatic but can use lines in different colours. This art leans toward realism, although it can also be caricaturist, cartoonish, ideographic or glyphic. The Line is one of the most fundamental elements in all forms of art.

Colour. Red, blue, yellow, green, orange or purple are all names given to colour, a characteristic of visual perception of the human eye. The science of colour is called chromatics or simply colour science.

Any medium that uses graphics to aid in conveying or communicating a message, instruction or idea, could be considered as Graphic Design.