Career Directions to inspect when you start out as a Graphic Designer

Practicing a career in Graphic Design you firstly need to learn the importance of having a strong message before starting on a design.

Studying Graphic Design you will learn the following:

1. Where to get ideas for your projects.
2. How to design for a target audience.
3. Design and organisation of layouts.
4. The basic design principals and rules or visual organising.
5. The secret of designing with shapes.

Here are 10 of the various job possibilities you will have after finishing your studies in Graphic Design.

Creative Director – You will manage a team that creates visuals for advertising campaigns, product branding and much more.

Art Director – You will manage and coordinate work done by the production artists and illustrators to make sure those projects are completed in the time given, and to the client’s satisfaction.

Art Production Manager – Managing the production aspect of art generation and creation while focusing on improving work efficiency and lowering costs.

Package Designer – Creating Packaging for marketing, including both the design and physical construction thereof.

Brand Identity Developer. You will develop branding identities for organizations.

Logo Designer – You will create an organization’s key message or value into a visual expression.

Illustrator – If you have an art, as well as a design background, you can create illustrations that represent a message, an idea or a story through images.

Web Designer – You will be creating graphics, layouts and pages for websites.

Content Developer – Depending on the information given to you, you will create written, graphical, video, sound and other multimedia content for websites.

Multimedia Developer – You will be applying graphic design skills to sound and motion.

Graphic Designers mostly work in studios where they have access to drafting tables, computers, software and tools that they need to create their designs. If you work for a specialized graphic design firm you will work as part of a team. Many Graphic Designers work independently and can collaborate with colleagues on work or projects with clients around the world.