3 Ways to Break Out of Your Creative Slump

You know the feeling… you’ve got a project due, or you’re just trying to work on your portfolio, but everything you come up with stinks of clich├ęs and just bad ideas.

So what should you do?

Our advice is to get out of your comfort zone and do something completely different. You’ll find new creative juices starting to flow when you break out of your graphic design bubble.

1. Get some exercise

Fresh air always does the brain and body good. Add some exercise like running or cycling to those endorphins – and creative juices – flowing. Not only will you feel better afterwards, but you’ll find new ideas popping into your head both during and after exercise.

Just keep in mind, go slow if you haven’t worked out in a while. Wear a helmet if you ride a bike. And get some good shoes for running. If you are like me and have flat feet, you’ll want a good pair of support shoes.

2. Listen to music

The soothing sounds of Beethoven or other classic music will help bring new ideas. It’s been proven that consuming other types of creativity outside of what you’re working on will improve your brain power and creative flow.

3. Go to a museum

Seeing other forms of visual art are a great way to find inspiration. It’s best to see works of art in person – because changing your environment is another way to get out of a creative funk. But if you need to view works of art online, that’s another good option.

4. BONUS – Just keeping working

Finally, a surefire way to find more creativity is to just keep at it. If you make 100 pieces of garbage, that 101th graphic design might just be th winner!!

Good luck!!

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